Check out our Chase Farms website and the Saddlebred Rescue website to learn more about our barn and the reason we want to help these horses!

Donations are always welcome! We will have a change collector and a donation collector located in the main lounge of Chase Farms in the upcoming weeks. Remember, any amount of money is a great help; even a just a penny! If you'd like to donate a larger sum, or donate an amount using a credit or debit card, our donate button will be operational in a few weeks. Thank you for your help!

The Chase Chargers

The Chase Chargers is a youth group run out of Chase Farms in Hollis, NH. The main goal of this youth group is to raise money for Saddlrebred Rescue, which cares for rescued horses. Our goal is to raise $1500 by the end of the year during our many fundraisers, and to also raise an additional $1000 in just change for the "Change Their Lives" program. 

Morgan McKenney, Gina Pucillo, and Catie O’Dwyer run this fantastic program. Meetings are going to be held the first Saturday of every month, from 5:30-7:30. Snacks will be provided at the meetings, but please provide dinner beforehand. We will focus on many aspects of horses monthlyand our members will learn somethig different at every meeting. Fundraisers such as bake sales, movies nights, and car washes will also be held to help raise more money. All members will be allowed to participate in any and all fundraisers and events held by the Chase Chargers. 


You can sign up and register as a member below! We look forward to seeing all our members at our first meeting on April 6th with your membership form and fee. Membership forms will be posted on this site in the next week and will also be handed out throughout the barn during the next couple of weeks. 

Michael Bublé